N82 Tactical Professional Holster

Trying to find the right holster for your EDC or any handgun you choose to carry can be a G26 in N82 Holsterdaunting experience. I have purchased from brick and mortar stores and ordered them online.

Probably one of the best I have found is from N82 (Nate Squared). I ordered the N82 Tactical Professional for a Glock 26 and was quite impressed with the comfort and fit. Instantly it was very comfortable. It held the firearm securely, and the draw was fast and easy.

In addition, I found my Ruger SR9C also fit this holster very well. Then I acquired a Glock 17. Both Glocks having the same basic frame, I realized the 17 also fit this holster. It just stuck out the bottom a little more and the grip was a bit larger so it printed a little more. SR9C in N82 HolsterHowever, the fit and use was excellent.

20151031_082259 (2)Then after purchasing a G43, I tried the new pistol in this holster, and lo and behold, it fit just as well. The G43 is the same length and height as the G26, it is just a bit thinner. But when worn, the belt and fit against my body causes the G43 to be snug enough to hold very well and has the same retention as both the other Glocks.

I have found that I can wear this holster with all 4 of these handguns and be just as comfortable with any of them all day long. This has now become my first choice for carrying all my Glocks. I put it on when I dress in the morning and take it off just before retiring for the night.

The N82 Tactical Professional is made of polycarbonate, which is a very durable and strong thermoplastic material. It is used for bullet resistant glass and many other purposes where strength is a major requirement. When the holster is worn, your body puts pressure on the the backing, and presses the weapon against the polycarbonate shell.

This adds to the security in the retention of the firearm. When you grip the firearm, just give it a little twist and it will release for a smooth draw.

20151031_082420The backing is made as a sandwich of suede, neoprene, and leather. This makes it very comfortable, and can be worn for many hours at a time. The suede backing allows your skin to breathe and feel cool all day. The neoprene is used to provide the padding for all day comfort when sitting or being active.

it also creates a moisture barrier to keep any sweat from reaching the handgun. The leather is oil-tanned to provide safe contact with your firearm.

I have holsters from other makers for the rest of my handguns, and I’m sure the N82 units for the other guns will perform just as well as mine has.20151031_082440 (2)




N82 Tactical Professional Holster — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Barry,
    A friend of mine has a handgun that he carries when he goes out on his land. He carries it in case he comes up on a snake or predator. He hasn’t had to use it yet.
    He has been talking about needing a better holster for it. I will let him know about your site.
    Thanks for the info,
    ~ Melinda

  2. Very detailed post! You really did a great job of describing how the various models fit. I like the pictures but perhaps you might have someone take a picture or two with you wearing the holster since the subject is conceal carry it would be nice to see the profile when wearing.

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