As the owner of several guns, the Glock 17 Gen 4 review is something I feel qualified to offer because I carry one almost daily. I also have a couple other Glocks and some Rugers that I enjoy shooting. The Glock 17 Gen 4 and G43 are my first choices for EDC (every day carry).

The Glock line of semi-auto pistols has been around for over 30 years now and they have gotten a strong foothold on the market. They were not the first to produce a gun with the polymer frame. They are, however, very light and the safe action trigger system was revolutionary for the time. They were also very affordable to just about anyone who wanted one.

Here are some of the features of the Glock 17 Gen 4 (4th generation);Glock-17-Gen-4-9mm1

  • Trigger action does not require extensive training
  • Safe action trigger makes external manual safety unnecessary
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Impervious to most solvents, oil and water
  • Strong, lightweight frame
  • Chambered in 9×19 Luger for lighter recoil
  • sold new with three 17 round magazines
  • MSRP around $600.00

I mentioned the safe action trigger system earlier. This was a new design exclusive to the Glock at the time. Here,s how it works.

When the slide is brought to the rear and released, the firing striker pin is only brought half way back to the ready.The trigger has a lever attached that must be pressed straight back before the trigger can move. This, in turn, moves an internal lever that allows the firing pin to move to position. Then when the internal lever is activated by the trigger moving rearward, the striker pin is moved back farther into the firing position and is released when the trigger is pressed all the way back. This combination of features removes the need for an external safety making the Glock one of the easiest to operate by anyone, regardless of advanced training. All that is needed is to press the trigger, fire, release to reset the trigger, and repeat.

The Glock 17 is a great combat pistol. It is fast into action and easy to handle. If you’re an occasional shooter who, like many of us, simply cannot get in the practice needed, the 9mm handgun makes a lot of sense. With modern high-performance ammunition, it is difficult to be better armed without spending a great deal of time and effort in mastering a heavier caliber.



Accuracy Results

  • 5-shot groups
  •  25 yards
Manufacturer Bullet Weight Type Grouping
Black Hills 115-grain FMJ Remanufactured 3.5 inches
Black Hills 115-grain EXP 2.0 inches
Black Hills  124-grian JHP +P 2.5 inches
CCI Blazer 124-Grain FMJ 3.25 inches
Speer 115-grain Gold Dot 2.5 inches
Federal 124-grain HydraShok 2.4 inches
PMC Bronze 115-grain 4.5 inches
Wolf 124-grain FMJ 4.0 inches


Action Semiautomatic
Barrel Length 4.49 inches
Caliber 9mm
Overall Height 5.43 inches
Overall Length 7.32 inches
Overall Width 1.18 inches
Weight Loaded 31.91 pounds
Sights Fixed
Grip Interchangeable backstraps
Magazine 17 rounds
Frame Rough Textured Frame


Gen 4 Is The Newest Design For Glock 17

If you are caught in a situation in which you are outnumbered, much may be said for a fast handling pistol with light recoil that allows a trained shooter to make multiple hits quickly. The advantages of the Glock became apparent to law enforcement and the pistol was adopted by many agencies.

The drawbacks are few. The Glock demands a locked wrist when firing, or the pistol will short cycle, commonly known as “limp-wristing”. This is common with many of the smaller self-loading handguns. Simply maintain a proper grip on the pistol and this will not be an issue.

Nothing is perfect and over the years, there have been a number of improvements on the original handgun. Added to the pistol are serrations and finger grooves to improve adhesion. The gun also comes with an assortment of backstrap inserts to customize the fit of the grip.

The pistol features a newly designed recoil rod that helps control recoil and limit wear on the handgun. Among the first new features you notice on the Gen 4 is the slightly extended magazine release.



There is a raised bridge around the slide lock that helps protect it from being mistakenly pushed. This is a good added feature. Sometimes the thumb locks the slide open when firing, although mine has never done this.

The pistol features a good reserve of ammunition. The Glock 17 Gen 4 is supplied with three magazines. With a 17-round capacity, this gives you 52 rounds available if you carry a double magazine pouch on the off-side and a loaded chamber.


The Glock 17 is equipped with three-dot iron sights from the box.gun-sight-101 They are said to be the most accurate open sights for serious target or competition shooting. Some other sights are available and can be installed with the use of a couple special tools.

Concealment For Carry

This is also a good handgun for concealed carry. With the proper holster, it can be worn under a shirt or jacket either OWB or IWB. I have carried it both ways and it conceals just fine, although it will print a bit with t-shirts or light colored shirts.

In My Opinion

This Glock 17 Gen 4 Review is based on my own experience and the experience of many law enforcement agencies all around the world, to include some military units. If you have used a Glock 17 or the newer Gen 4, or if you would like more knowledge of them, please leave a comment below. I will get back to you as promptly as possible. Also, if you have a G 17 and would like a Kydex concealment holster for it, I’ll make one for you. Just email me with details at;    

Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun

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