The De Santis Invader

The De Santis Invader IWB Holster is one of those that could be called a Hybrid. It’s pistol shell is made of Kydex and the backing is of neoprene and ballistic nylon. The backing will be quite comfortable as it will conform to the body pretty santis invader


The De Santis Invader IWB has glass-reinforced belt clips made to be mounted on either the outside for inside carry or on the inside for outside carry. They also have two holes for height adjustment and some cant angle adjustment.

As an OWB holster, the clips would be on the inside to clip the holster to the outside of the belt for a quicker/smoother draw. To conceal the weapon, just wear a cover garment.

As an IWB unit, the clips would be attached to the outside and the holster will be stuffed inside the pants and clipped over the belt and pants. In this manner of carry, the holster is also referred to as a “tuckable” since the cover garment can be tucked in between the pants and holster clips.

Many people wear this way in business attire and dress clothes to keep the weapon invisible to other folks and still have it on their person, and accessible. It has a sweat shield, too, so body moisture will never reach the weapon.

The Company

The De Santis Holster Company is one of those organizations that grew from the kitchen table of a man named Gene De Santis over 40 years ago. Like so many others, his first holster was handmade in his home out of a particular need. From there, the company grew to a global presence, but still family owned and made in the USA. They are also still hand santis factory

Pros And Cons

As with all products, there are pros and cons.

The pros have already been shown as a versatile holster that’s very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

A couple cons are that they are made as right -handed only, and they are not produced for use with all guns in today’s market.

When ordering one of these holsters from De Santis, you would have to specify the gun and see if they will make it for you. Overall I would say this is a holster I would be proud to own and use regularly.

If you have experience with this holster, I would like to hear about it. Please leave a comment below.



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