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Responding To An Active Shooter — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Barry,

    Wow, that’s a really useful article, especially for people living in the US at the moment. We’re lucky that in Australia incidents like that are few and far between, like decades between, thankfully. But I read each letter of it because you never know with these sorts of things, and that information is useful.

    I’ve got to admit, I was a little horrified when reading this, I’ve had so many dreams like that, and usually I try not to think about it, but again, it’s good to know what to do in this type of situation.

    Thanks again, and here’s to hoping no one needs to use that information, even though it’s essential to know.


    • Thanks for responding, Katia. I hope you never need it, too. In the troubling society we live in today ( with the terrorism and mental cases) one can’t predict when or where an incident will occur, so this training is somewhat necessary.


  2. The world isn’t safe, is it? Anything can happen anywhere. Even highest security at times are not dependable.

    Although active shooter is a term which is clearly understandable, I think you did the right thing making the definition more complete.

    It covers practical and specific situations. You describe it in the form of scenario as well, so it’s quite informative.

    • Thanks for commenting. No, unfortunately, the world isn’t safe. That’s why this preparation is needed. Most people, however, don’t think about it until something bad happens. Then the “knee-jerk” reaction is almost always the wrong one.


  3. Hi Berry,
    I have to agree with your points of view. I hate the idea of gun free zones. Since when the terrorists or criminals abide any laws, especially gun free zones? We should not have our rights to bare arms for personal protection taken away! On the other hand in US is just too easy to get a firearm. I know in Europe you have to go through extensive tests including psychological tests to obtain a gun permit.
    Thanks for the info and the tips!

    • Hi, Phillip. Thanks for commenting. I do agree in the US it’s sometimes too easy to get a gun. It just depends on which state you live in.

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