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How To Carry A Concealed Handgun – Can I Carry A Gun? — 4 Comments

  1. This is definitely an interesting site and i believe you will get a lot of response. I wanted to know if you personally recommend which waist band one should carry by experience? either way, its a very interesting niche topic and your articles are layed out very user friendly. well done

    • Thanks for the comments. Check out the reviews on my site. There are some pretty good holsters there.

      I carry in the N82 Tactical holster most of the time. It fits well and is very concealable and comfortable.

  2. Hello Barry,

    Living in New Mexico, I know many people who have concealed carry permits, I don’t know the statistics but I would wager that the percentage of people who licensed for concealed carry and firearm owners in general is much higher than the national average.

    When you stated that the price and quality of holsters aren’t necessarily correlated, I became curious to know which brands of holster you recommend in general? Also, what brands would you tend to avoid?



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