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Can You Shoot The Intruder – In your Home? — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Barry,

    Really interesting read there. I was constantly reminded of a lecture I watched given by a US law professor to his law students that went along similar grounds of saying as little as possible, which is sad when you think about it but that’s the reality. Innocence isn’t always a defence.

    I remember a story from the UK where a guy had to shoot someone in the middle of the night: there were two intruders, one died and the other was injured. The home owner went to prison anyway. I guess it’s better to be alive, healthy and in prison than at the mercy of some thugs though. This was a rural setting too, so no-one would have been around to help the home owner. Honestly I think most people would have been scared in that situation and done the same thing.

    • Thanks for the comment, Robert. I see you understand how the law really works. Innocent until proven guilty is not truly the case. Many people have had to prove their innocence. It’s best to know how to prepare for the truth before hand.


  2. As I am from England, I have no knowledge of holding a gun and no reference of shooting an intruder in my home. Although I have been robbed, I don’t think I would ever have the gall to pull the trigger.

    I think I would have been terrified in the kind of situation mentioned. Defending loved ones is the main thing though. It’s still a debatable question in my mind as to whether we should have guns, but your article makes me wonder!

    Many thanks for the article,


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