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tim_familyThe United States Concealed Carry Association was formed about ten years ago when the founder became a father for the first time. He suddenly realized he was responsible for the care and security of his new child, as well as his wife and future family members. Read his story here.

It is similar to the story of every new parent. “How can I protect my family the way they need me to”? Tim has also recently written a book about the trials and struggles he faced bringing the USCCA to a reality, and the magazine that was spawned from the efforts.

The US Concealed Carry Membership – How Does It Benefit UsUSCCALogo_welcome_small

Membership in the USCCA has many great benefits, primarily stemming from the need for education, training, insurance and legal defense. Education and training both come, in a large part, from the Concealed Carry Magazine. This is the major publication of the USCCA, along with a weekly online newsletter and numerous emails. Insurance and legal defense come from The Defense Shield, a segment of Delta Defense, LLC.

The training and education is , in my opinion, some of the best you can get. The writers are all well experienced in the use and care of all kinds of firearms, mainly used for carrying concealed. They are from all walks in the life of weapon use and the defense in court. They are Lawyers, Doctors treating the wounded, Police Officers ( retired and currently working), private security and military. Some are not working in law enforcement. They are firearms instructors from all over the country, and housewives & mothers prepared to care for their families.

Although  the staff of the US Concealed Carry Association are not lawyers, and cannot, therefore, dispense legal advice, they have an abundance of useful knowledge about the legal systems in most states. They always recommend you educate yourself about the laws and statutes in your own jurisdiction.

Part of the service of the Self-Defense Shield is a listing of qualified attorneys around the country that are experienced in defensive firearm use by CCW permitted civilians. Reciprocity between states is also part of the education arm of the USCCA website.

The USCCA also has a firearms instructor program available to all members who feel they are qualified to train others in the safety and use of firearms.



Delta Defense, LLC

Delta Defense, LLC is one of the bi-products of the US Concealed Carry Association as well. As the organization developed, Tim became aware that there was much more to family protection that just defense from “the bad guys that want to hurt you”. The bad guys are just the beginning of your troubles when there is a need to use a firearm for protection. The legal system is the next step in “self-defense”.

Delta Defense, LLC was established for the Legal Defense of members faced with the decision to use their gun in defense of their family or anyone in immediate need. (Part of the responsibility of carrying a weapon for defense is the desire to help other citizens being threatened with death or severe bodily injury by “the bad guy; mall shooters, theater attackers, etc.”).

“The Self-Defense Shield consists of an insurance policy owned by Delta Defense, LLC that designates the USCCA members as insureds. No individual underwriting is required. Delta Defense, LLC owns and pays for the policy while YOU, as a USCCA member, automatically get the benefits. This liability policy is issued by United Specialty Insurance Company, a subsidiary of State National Companies, Inc.  State National Companies currently writes over $600 million in premiums. United Specialty Insurance Company is rated ‘A’ by A.M. Best.” [usconcealedcarry.com/shield/]

The US Concealed Carry Insurance

Consider the plight of George Zimmerman. Almost everyone in the country has heard of George and his court case. George used his legally carried gun in self-defense against Trayvon Martin in Florida. At first no charges were being brought due to the belief of the police and District Attorney that he was justified in shooting his attacker.

When the media got hold of the story, things changed drastically. The DA’s office changed their mind very quickly. George was then charged with murder. He spent some time in jail before he was able to attain a defense team to get him out on bond. Then the story really got public.

George Zimmerman spent about two years defending himself and went millions of dollars into debt. I won’t go into all the details of his case in this article. He eventually was acquitted in the courts eyes, but still hasn’t recovered from the trauma of the case and may never get the debt paid.

Had George Zimmerman been a member or the US Concealed Carry Association, things would have been a lot different. The insurance provided by USCCA would a have had him out of jail on bond right away. His lawyers would have been put on retainer and their fees paid. USCCA and their Delta Defense, LLC would have provided up to 1.1 million dollars of coverage for his defense and civil actions afterward. It is likely the case would have been settled much quicker and with a lot less headache for George and his family. See this link for a preview of the legal benefits of USCCA Membership.

This is just one case. As it was, this is one of the most publicized cases in the history of this country. Many other similar cases have occurred and almost all of them went pretty much the same way.

When you use your gun in a self-defense manner, your real defense is just beginning. Fortunately, there have been numerous cases of self-defense shootings that never get to court. But when it does happen, you’re in for the time of your life.


How Do We Compare With The Competition?

Comparing gun owner protection solutions can become very confusing. We’ve done our best to show how a USCCA membership stacks up to the competition. Every year, we improve out Self-Defense SHIELD benefits as we try to provide more and more value to our customers. God bless the free market system!


 The US Concealed Carry Magazine

Concealed Carry Magazine is probably the nation’s best publication for educating and training individuals in responsibly carrying concealed firearms. The authors of articles in this magazine are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the country. The magazine contains product reviews, training procedures. and real life experiences of everyday people who have been “in the fray” when it comes to defending themselves. 

When this magazine was first published there were no advertisements in it of any kind. The belief was that the publisher didn’t want to be beholden to anyone for the content and readership. Before long the readers themselves were asking for ads so they could know about the products available to them. I personally have found the ads to be most enlightening, and look forward to seeing the new stuff coming out. I, as do most readers, read the book from cover to cover when it comes in the mail.

The nation’s leading experts in
self-defense and concealed carry…

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
Tom Givens
Rob Pincus
Tamara Keel
Jim Fleming
R. K. Campbell

Concealed Carry Magazine has the finest writers and researchers who’ve dedicated their lives to training and preparing responsibly
armed Americans. These men and women are the nation’s leading experts on concealed carry and self-defense. Combined
they have hundreds of years, and thousands of hours of experience in military, law enforcement, special operations, security, and
much more. You simply will not find this level of expertise in any other concealed carry publication.

Find out what responsibly armed Americans just like you
are saying about Concealed Carry Magazine…
magazine I’ve
ever read
cover to cover!”
“Your magazine is the only
magazine I’ve ever read cover to
cover in all my life. I’m 56 years
old and that’s a lot of magazines!”
– Bobbi Beisel
“A wealth of valuable
“I have found a wealth of valuable
information in the magazine each month.
I especially find the tactical articles
useful, as well as real gun tests that are
truly critical of firearms that are typically
used in concealed carry. This
organization and its resources are
invaluable in my search for concealed
carry knowledge”
– Neal Reamer
“Courtesy of CCM,
I am a better
informed Permit
holder & instructor”
“It is refreshing to get no BS reviews
on equipment. Courtesy of Concealed
Carry Magazine,
I am a better
informed permit holder and instructor”
– Leslie Cable

Armed American Radio

MarkDailyDevotionalMark Walters is the creator of Armed American Radio. It came about from a conversation between the founder/President of USCCA and a new member. The member suggested a new avenue of publicizing the organization, the conversation continued, and Mark is “on the air”. Each week Mark talks about the new developments in the defensive handgun lifestyle and has some great guests on his show. The show aired on Sunday only at first. Now it’s on the air six days a week in many cities. In some locations, it’s still available on Sunday only, however.

Concealed Carry Travel

Carrying your firearm from state to state can be a real harrowing experience. Concealed Carry Permits are not like a drivers’ license. You normally cannot use it in every state you travel through. There is a thing call “Reciprocity“. State Governors have to enter into an agreement to allow permits to be accepted between their states. There are a lot of states that just don’t honor permits from anywhere else. California will only honor permits issued in Calif. Nevada’s permit will be honored in 22 other states. Utah and Florida issue non-resident permits to just about anyone and they are accepted in the most states. The USCCA has a list of reciprocity states on their website


I have personally been a Platinum Member of The Unites States Concealed Carry Association for four years. I believe it’s the best organization available today for the carrier of a legally concealed firearm. The benefits are the best you will find anywhere. Visit their website here to see for yourself what I mean.  If you wish to carry a firearm legally for self-defense you should “hope for the best, and prepare for the worst”.  I highly recommend you look into the USCCA today.

If you would like to comment on any part of this article, please leave me your thoughts in the comments box below. For a more personal note, you can email me at barry@carryiwb.com








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US Concealed Carry Association–How Does It Help? — 4 Comments

  1. I find that it is a pathetic state of things when someone that uses their firearm for self defense purposes needs to carry insurance. I harbor the same opinion for anyone who discharges their firearm in the defense of someone else, as you’ve detailed in this post (the bad guy; mall shooters, theater attackers, etc.)

    Although it is pathetic that it is necessary, that doesn’t change the fact that without this form of insurance, you’re probably going to face all kinds of difficulty. Things are set up in this country to be against the person doing the right thing.
    Great post and great service you’ve directed us to here.

    • Thank you, Brian. I agree, we are in a pathetic state of affairs these days. If you are forced to defend yourself or your loved ones with lethal force, you are in for another fight you should not have to face. The courts have positioned themselves against the good guys, and we need all the help we can get. Fortunately, there is the USCCA designed to assist with that court fight we will most likely face in a situation such as this. Thank you again for your thoughts and the time to write back.


  2. Hello Barry,

    I will show my husband your website and this review. He was in the Marine Corps and is an NRA member. He is quite passionate about self defense and the concept that good people who are armed could stop bad people who will get ahold of a weapon one way or another! We live in Alaska so guns are very common here but that is even changing. There are disputes over increasing gun free zones.


    • Thanks for your comment, Jessica. Please do tell your husband. If he carries, then I’m sure he’ll like what he sees.

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